Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Secret Garden - Nocturne of the Gentle Healimg Water's Rumiaru(Alchemist-Lady!)Aimein*.


Friday, October 18, 2013

With nurturing Love'Luva@ for aill...3*

Maria E. Antonsen

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Ohayooo minna-san!! Today' it's Snoooow'in here in the St.Mary- bodyguarded No'way in Europe... How pretty With the snow; I'm daydreamin'about the happyier faerytaile-enin' for little Mei too; sigh! Meine cute elephant-plushies,the Oonies, are so soft and huggable! :}. When I see Brian "Luvv@'ly" Litterell and his son Bay'; I dream that all will be so fortunate to have such a warm and wisse Hippo-daddy (because Hippo are that too in HM: Tree of Tranqility for Wii, hihi! ;)... I always pray everyday to meine bestest boy'ish'Friend Lord Jesu that everyoneee in Soul Aslym Runaway Train will be found (it's aumateid updateid, ne!!) and that the gentle care-takeir around them will be heilped by psychologistst'jailhouse rockers that burns up With nurturing Love for aill. Have a genki weekend, yeahi With SisterPrincess-dreams!
Genki7@imein from little Sister Mei, goshly called the Light Soprano (has almost no really Voice except for the Light'ni'n'p@rt, hihi!). I send this to the i'sisters and brotheirs of Goodness'God that I adore and has as meine rolemodeils...Arigatoune! I never look in meine Google inbox though,I have so much already inthe vegan2eden@gmail.com to be cleansed(hope that was rightly Word!)...11.43 at Freeday'Friday 18102013! Daisukiii With The Angel of Love Saint Mary's ToffeHe@rts(yep, you got it, you are the Sweeties! ;}.*.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mother E@rth's St.M@ry7's Pe@rl*....:

From the Long'@way Drivin'up (I got meine Drivin'Licence in I Guess May  2001) to the Mine-diggin'town of Noway(12 Points in Euro! :)) to the Pearl-necklace on Your lap( today from the Per'silleriet)... (I tried to rhime at least, hihi! ;)...
Here's a Luv@y song from the Nickn@med duet Lotti und Si...trully from the farmboy M@rceru; a'la'moure for St.M@ry's MummyEarth   , so Ohayo and Genki7@imein meine cuties!! *.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Meiru of the Christian Sonj@3*

Konnichiw@h cutie3s! Now soon on nrk1.no is the Sunnier ne Meru'H@reide Government;
Meiru of the Christian Sonj@ Her Queein PeopleParty St.Mary7's He@rt, Genki7@imeIn!**'**. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Get yourself @notheir Boy'friend; Jesus Lord of Heavenly Cred'its by Bad/Baths ne * The Light Sopr@no*

Konbanwah cute minna-san! After a Br@vely blood/Lethium-test With  the Atleid-doctor today we eat a yummy Vegetar bruchetta at the bodyguard of Strwaberry-Ladies at Byhaven around 11,12-ne! Now please look at nrk1.no Dagsrevyen (Day'news) at 19:20'1-23 for St.Mary'info on papers regarding New Song'book! Have a sweeteir day ne With TheVoive-dreams...Genki7@imeIN Toffehearts*****.BSB Get yourself @notheir Boy'friend; Jesus Lord of Heavenly Cred'its by Bad/Baths ne * The Light Sopr@no at 19.29 15102013 Aimein!*.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Erana's Peace, Moist Beautifuill to Saint Mary3, Luva'LLY,ne! *...

Ohayooooooo minna-san! Today's SUNday; the Day of moire Pe@cefuill Life'start, ne! Mei and meine sweet Elephant-plushies Oonies'..., like to a@kryll-paint Eran@'s Peace tree of Life... Have a Brighteir and more Wisdomfuill Week's before The Happy Final Countdown-ending, meie Cuties! - The Light Sopr@no, Genki7@imeIN!*****.